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Help Me Be Me
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All children deserve to be accepted and seen for who they are. As a
certified Conscious Parenting coach, Samantha Reynolds, has written
an empowering and inclusive book that shows parents and children
alike that self acceptance and being proud of who you are is the only
way to truly shine.

Written from a child's point of view, Help Me Be Me is a stunning
reminder to the adults in every child's life to honestly appreciate each
child for who they are.

SammyJ Inc. (2023)

"An engaging, artistic tale that urges adults to encourage kids throughout their childhoods."      - Kirkus Reviews

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Help Me Be Me

Samantha Reynolds

Drawings by Jessica Hiemstra

Written from a child's point of view, Help Me Be Me is a stunningreminder to the adults in every child's life to honestly appreciate eachchild for who they are.

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Book Review

"An engaging, artistic tale that urges adults to encourage kids throughout their childhoods. “  

 - Kirkus Reviews


  • Q: How has writing this book made you closer to your child?
    A: It is a constant work in progress and I do strive to be as present, non-judgmental and less controlling as a parent; though, admittingly, not always successfully.
  • Q: What inspired you to write this book?
    A: I only truly felt seen by my family if I achieved at school, in my sports, which I did excel at, and if I didn’t cause much trouble. The problem with this is that I grew up pleasing others and had a difficult time understanding who I was and what I was about. It was after going through the Dr. Shefali Conscious Coaching Institute as well as therapy, where I truly recognized how my childhood impacted my adult life’s journey. I truly want parents to be able to let go of their fantasies of who and what their child should be and simply observe and listen. It isn’t always easy to do but this is when the magic of self-discovery happens.
  • Q: What sets your book apart from other picture books?
    A: It is a parenting book in the form of a picture book. The words and illustrations are engaging to both child and parent but the message of the book is for the parent for sure. “Help Me Be Me” is also a book told from the point of view of the child whereas many books of this nature are from the adult’s point of view. It is vitally important to me that the book gives the child a voice.
  • Q: What are the most important take-aways in the book?
    A: I urge all parents, caretakers, teachers and extended family to try to truly listen and engage with their children. Ask questions about what their interests are and why, empower them with giving choices and responsibilities, and please do not leave them when they are emotional – as this is when they need you the most. Parenting is the most difficult job there is so, parents, please be compassionate and patient with yourselves.

I'm Samantha! Thanks for being here!


Samantha Reynolds


Author, Actor and Award-winning filmmaker

Here's a little about me:

Samantha is an author, actor and award-winning filmmaker living in Toronto, Canada.  She is a certified Dr. Shefali Conscious Parenting Coach and received her MFA in film production from The University of Southern California.  When not creating, Samantha can be found spending time with her husband, son and mini Poodle.  

Samantha is an active member of SCBWI, Canscaip and The Canadian Children's Book Center.

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Coloring Activity Sheets

Jessica (the illustrator) and I love seeing the drawings from young readers!

Please tag your drawings at samanthareynoldswrites on Instagram.

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Preliminary Artwork for Help Me Be Me

Video of Making Help Me Be Me


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